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Edge of Night

Thirst/The Last Vampire Series Fan Community

The Last Vampire Series Fan Community
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I am a vampire, and that is the truth.
Edge of Night
Edge of Night is a fan community for the Thirst/Last Vampire Series written by Christopher Pike in 1994 as The Last Vampire Series and re-released in 2009 as The Thirst Series.
The series centers around an ancient vampiress named Sita who had traveled, fought, partied, loved, and pretty much radiated awesome all over the globe for more than five thousand years. Book one starts off with Sita, meeting a "down-on-his-luck private dick" in the middle of the night and the ride doesn't let up for the next five books as Sita faces death, her creator, psycho vamps, her own haunted past, Gods, and even the United States government. After more than a decade, Christopher Pike is writing a new book in the series called Eternal Dawn that comes out October of 2010. The series has also been put into production to become a film (source).




  • Respect the author, actors, characters, and fellow community members. Debate and discussion are allowed,but all flame wars should be taken elsewhere.

  • Christopher Pike is a very private person so no speculation on his life, no trying to contact him, or send him your fanfiction or anything like that please.

  • Tag your entries.

  • Long entries should be put under a cut.

  • Only posts relating to Thirst, Christopher Pike, and the characters in the Last Vampire verse are allowed.

  • Spellcheck is your friend.

  • All kinds of fanarts are allowed from icons to fanfic, but they must have headers and short teasers before the lj cut. Nothing gross or illegal and any warnings or spoilers should be noted in header.